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By Scott Sayare (The New York Times, 28 Mars 2014) - The Saturday Profile. "We still haven’t taken the full measure of how much this war, this history, this French presence in Algeria, has marked and traumatized French society," said Benjamin Stora, an Algerian-born historian. Credit Lauren Fleishman for The New York Times


Asnières-sur-Seine, France - Benjamin Stora arrived in Paris in the summer of 1962, a boy exile swaddled in as many layers of clothing as his parents could fit on his little body. He came amid a flood of refugees, one million French colonists, Arabs and Jews fleeing the murderous tumult of revolutionary Algeria.

His family, suddenly destitute, brought with them as much of their homeland as they could. But Mr. Stora learned quickly not to speak of Algeria, he said. To do so would make him a reminder of France’s national disgrace, he feared, an emblem of the brutal, failed war to keep Algeria under the yoke of the receding French empire.

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Suite à la publication d’un ouvrage de Jacques Simon (« Le nationalisme algérien selon Benjamin Stora »), voici quelques documents :

- Une lettre de madame Djanina Messali-Benkelfat, fille de Messali Haj;
- Une lettre de l’historien Mohammed Harbi;
- Des précisions de Benjamin Stora, à propos du livre que lui consacre Simon;
- Un article publié dans le quotidien algérien El Watan : Itinéraire d’un mythomane.

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Hommage à Benjamin Stora, Mucem, Marseille, 31 mai 2018

2018 31 mai Stora Mucem 1